Cullen Family History
  and Genealogy

East Templeton railway station c1900 courtesy Qahn

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This site features the family genealogy and descendants of John Cullen who emigrated from Killinkere, Co. Cavan to Bytown, Upper Canada in 1826 and resettled to Templeton Township, Lower Canada c1829 as one of its early pioneers. By the mid 1850s, John and his family had become important farmers and squared timber operators in the Township and were leaders in church and community affairs.

The principal Cullen-related lines are McClements, Carroll, Powers and Cassidy.

Other principal family lines included on this site are Turner, Joanis, Quevillon, Maheu, Lapointe, Morse, Doray and Berry.

Also included are completed chapters of the history of the Cullen family.


feature 1 Feature Story 1 The Cullens of Templeton Township Chapter 1 - The emigration of John Cullen from County Cavan to Canada in 1826 and settlement in Templeton Township.

feature 2 Feature Story 2 The Cullens of Templeton Township Chapter 2 - The lives of John Cullen's children; all were builders and key players in the development of Templeton.

feature 3 Feature Story 3 The Cullens Of Templeton Township 3rd generation - John Bernard Cullen 1851 - 1916

feature 4 Feature Story 4 The Cullens of Templeton Township 4th generation - Bernard John Cullen 1881 - 1956 (This feature is under development).

feature 5 Feature Story 5 The Cullens of Templeton Township Appendix - (This feature is under development)

feature 6 Feature Story 6 Cullen Family History - Lawrence Cullen Memories of Growing up in Ottawa